Saturday, August 9, 2014

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1
Wow. This verse is packed!
Indicates there was a start to this process we now live in, and God was there before it all happened.

Not seen in the english, but the word used for "God" smacks of the Trinity. 
It is interesting to note that at the time this verse is speaking about: no angels existed, no heaven existed, no earth existed, only God! 
Yet he uses the word "Elohim", instead of YHWH (Yahway). Plural. There was nothing in existance at the time to be plural with except Himself. So when some Jewish scholars try to lump the angels into the definition because they refuse to see God as plural, they have no argument to fall back on in this verse. 
"In the Beginning..... GOD." Peroid.

E=MC2, Einstein proved that mass is light encapsulated. We use this equation to prove how much power we can get out of a lump of uranium.  When it is fissioning, it produces a lot of light. 
In other words: Energy is equal to the mass times the speed of light squared. Juggling the equation and light is equal to the square root of energy divided by mass. 
God is light. He slowed down his light and it became visible mass. God said "let there be light"
I could go on, but... why?

All around us- visible and invisible. The word there is plural too. Sky, space, galaxies, etc. 

Current science wants to marginalize our existence. (Sounds a bit like what Satan is trying to do with God and with us too).

They are trying to do that to indicate that this planet is just a freak accident of the cosmos. 

When in fact, it is not; this earth was not a freak accident, nor a duplication- it is a unique closed system designed to support life. It took millions of terebytes of computations to develop the mass, densities, concentrations of different elements, the proper gravitational pull, the location of the moon, or distance to the sun, not to leave out the complex design of a living organism in order to make a sustainable, functioning life support system we live in. To date, we have yet to find another, and we have been looking feverishly. How long did it take God to do it all? not sure, but it sure is amazing. What we long to understand, He knows in great detail. We give Him glory when we figure it out. Hmmm.... sounds like another verse- "It is to the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is to the glory of kings to search it out." (Proverbs 25:2) 

(Another interesting fact of science- We use the word "Universe" when talking about the cosmos. This is a Greek word translated to "One-Sentence". Which is a direct reference to Genesis 1:1. Ha! I love it that many of the early fathers of physics saw the harmony of our existence and the God who created it, and gave Him the credit for all that is when we look out into space.)



  1. Interesting that you chose this verse to write on today. I was just reading an article where a Christian husband/wife singing team (apparently they're famous) called Gungor posted a blog that not all of God's word in Genesis is real, rather it's allegorical and not to be taken completely seriously. ( It's very sad that so many "Christian" artists are coming out with anti-biblical views on various topics, but praise God that he's revealing what was hidden.

  2. Maybe that influenced or inspired his post momma, whatever the inspiration I can say I would love to see you post here more than once every few years :-)

  3. I did not see the comment about the singers until today.
    Melody- I plan on posting more. Thanks for the encouragement.

    It is an interesting statement to say that the story of Genesis is alegorical.
    I do not think tose that say such a thing realize the land mine they just stepped on.

    To put the spin on Genesis as alegorical undermines much of the new Testament, mainly Jesus himself. When He referenced marriage he said God made them male and female in Matthew 19- his argument would have been null and void.

    The geneologies of Jesus are immediately suspect which puts his ministry it jeopardy of being valid.

    Paul, in 1 Corinthians 15 talks of Jesus being the second Adam (which is a whole blog in itself). If Jesus is the second Adam, then he immediately becomes allegorical, which means maybe his death on the cross really didn't happen and the entire Bible is just a good book of suggestions written by a few people who want us to be nice to each other.
    Nope- that is a land mine I will not step on- it blows up the Bible by attacking its very beginning.

  4. My favorite part - "He slowed down his light and it became visible mass."
    Mind blowing.
    I once heard a similar train of thought that that may have been how Jesus walked through a crowd of people who were full of rage and intended to throw Him off a cliff (Luke 4). Or how He walked on water. Naturally supernatural. Fun to think about. :)